Terms and Conditions for the GIRL-SCHOOL / (GS Tween) COURSE (Two-day course)

1.1) The course fee shall be payable as follows by the Parent/Guardian that is submitting this enrolment form:

Total cost for this course: R2800.00
and this amount can be paid as one amount or:
i) R1400.00 within 7 days of enrolment together with
ii) The balance of R1400.00 one week before the course starts

1.2) The Student will not be allowed to attend the lessons should the course fees not be paid in full.

1.3) All payments made are non-refundable but transferable

1.4) The Parent/Guardian submitting this enrolment form shall be liable for payment in terms of this agreement. Any additional or alternative payment arrangement between this Parent/Guardian and another party, shall not release the Parent/Guardian from payment under this Agreement.

1.5) All fees not yet received at the applicable payment dates as stated on the invoice will be subject to an interest rate penalty of 15.5% per year.

1.6) Fees shall not be reimbursed should a student be absent for any reason whatsoever.



2.1) In the event that the Parent/Guardian or Student wishes to cancel the enrolment of the student for this course, the Parent/Guardian shall give Girl-School written notice in advance.

2.2) Cancelations made between 14 (Fourteen) days and 8 (Eight) days prior to commencement of this course:
Should a cancelation notice be given between 14 (Fourteen) days and 8 (Eight) days before the commencement date of this course a cancellation fee of R700.00 is payable by the Parent/Guardian within 7 days of the cancelation notice date.

2.3) Cancelations made at any time from 7 (Seven) days prior to and/or during the duration of the course:
Should the Parent/Guardian cancel at any time from 7 (Seven) days prior to and/or during the duration of the course the full course fee of R2800.00 will be payable within 7 days from cancelation notice date.

2.4) The Parent/Guardian acknowledges the cancellation terms and the cancellation fees to be reasonable, considering that the place was reserved for the student and that the Student’s place cannot be filled by another Student once the course has commenced.

2.5) Should the Parent/Guardian find a suitable replacement student for the cancelled student’s place prior to commencement of the course and that candidate’s enrolment is successful, the cancelation fee will be refunded in full to the Parent/Guardian.


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3.1) In the event it is deemed necessary to engage the services of a registered debt collector or attorney for the recovery of any and all payments, which are overdue, all fees, expenses and or disbursements incurred in the recovery process of the overdue payment/s will be for the account of the person whose account is in arrears as is outlined in the terms of the Debt Collectors Act.

3.2) In the event that the trainer is unable to attend a workshop/course for any reason whatsoever, a letter will be sent out to reschedule the workshop/course.

3.3) Should the minimum number of students per course not be acquired for any reason prior to commencement of the course, Girl-School reserves the right to cancel the course entirely without any further obligation to the Parent/Guardian or Student. If the Parent/Guardian has made any payments by or prior to the cancellation date, the Parent/Guardian will be refunded by Girl-School in full. The Parent/Guardian will be notified in writing of such a cancellation.

3.4) I understand that all communication will be via email and if an email address/s and/or cell number has changed, it will be the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian to ensure that an updated/revised email address and/or mobile number is sent through to our Girl-School Head Office.

3.5) The Student will only qualify for the Girl-School Certificate if the student participates and attends all the workshops.

3.6) The Parent/Guardian has been given an adequate opportunity to read and understand the terms and conditions of this Agreement and is aware of all the terms thereof.

3.7) No amendment to this Agreement shall be effective unless reduced to writing and signed by or on behalf of the parties.



4.1) Except to the extent that GIRL-SCHOOL acted with gross negligence or fraudulent intent, GIRL-SCHOOL shall not be liable for damage or loss of whatsoever nature to the Student or the Parent or their property while in the care of, or on the premises, or during any lecture or outing, or at any event of GIRL-SCHOOL, and the Parent and the Student hereby indemnify GIRL-SCHOOL against any claims of whatsoever nature.